SKEETERPASTE SPONSORS HERD RACING'S FORMULA 3 PROGRAM IN 2012  CINCINNATI, OH - SkeeterPaste™, an all-natural remedy for mosquito and other insect bites, will be the primary sponsor on Herd Racing’s Formula 3/SST-60 tunnel boat for the 2012 race season, the company and team announced March 25.

  SkeeterPaste™, based in metropolitan Cincinnati, OH, will produce and market it’s products through it's website and internet shopping portals such as and, and will offer products for sale in more traditional retail settings, such as campground stores, outdoors retailers and other retail venues.  The company plans to launch the product worldwide in April.

  “We are extremely excited to launch our new product, SkeeterPaste™, with Herd Racing and be the team’s primary sponsor in Formula 3 for 2012,” says SkeeterPaste™ President and CEO Rick “Skeeter” McQueen.  “We want to promote our product through a racing partnership and teaming with Herd Racing will be the perfect fit.  Bringing SkeeterPaste™ to the attention of boaters, boat racing fans and those who enjoy the summertime outdoors is our goal.”

  Herd Racing’s Formula 3 Hemp/Pugh race boat, which has carried a lime green and white paint scheme for the past two seasons, will feature a full-boat wrap in 2012 which will promote the SkeeterPaste™ theme, as well as the company’s Dr. Skeeter mascot.  The boat will carry the #75 and compete in the APR Superleague circuit of the American Power Boat Association at such venues as Pittsburgh, Memphis and other large metro areas across the East Coast.  The team’s race season spans from July to October.

  “Having SkeeterPaste™ come on board our race team will help us take our racing program to the next level,” says Herd Racing’s president and race pilot Dana Tomes.  “We will represent the company to the best of our ability and make sure that everyone we come in contact with hears about the great benefits that SkeeterPaste™ provides.”

  McQueen says the safe and all-natural ingredients are what allows SkeeterPaste™ to stand above it’s competition.  “People want a natural remedy that works and that is safe to use,” McQueen says.  “SkeeterPaste™ is made of 100-percent natural products that are safe for your skin and do a wonderful job of helping heal and relieve the itch that accompanies mosquito and insect bites.”

  The new startup company, which will launch it’s website in the coming days, will be involved in several marketing campaigns in 2012, including merchandizing Dr. Skeeter apparel, hats and team items such as Herd Racing post cards, photos, posters and other merchandise.  You can find all of the items as they become available on the company’s website,

  Herd Racing’s Formula 3 program finished seventh in the final APR Superleague standings in 2010, earning Tomes the league’s Rookie of the Year honors.  In 2011, the team garnered an 8th place finish in the year-end points race after totaling it’s primary race boat in the first race event of the season and relying on a backup boat to complete the remainder of the race season.  Tomes was named the league’s Co-Sportsman of the Year in 2011, the APR Superleague’s highest honor for a participant.


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